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Everything is Connected

Welcome to With One Thread

Where Everything is Connected by writing stories in a few worlds with fiber as the unifier. Fabrication as Alchemy, if you like. What we really do when we Make.

I make stuff up.

About This Project

This is a world in progress. Placeholder text, Image links with nothing attached. Ugly typography. Mirroring the reality I've got after about a dozen years of 50k story building. Yeah, a Nanowrimo-ist here.

Every year I found myself looking over the shoulder of a new person in my original world. Then, in pursuit of improved writing chops, I created yet another world. This one, Steampunk aligned. Then...You guessed it. More stories (read writing classes) and more worlds. But worlds as sketches

While some of the stories stand up well enough with their worlds sketched around them, I feel there is soemthing missing. Something the world itself brings to as context and resistive force.

So, rather than mire myself in worldbuildingitis just to get the site up, I am sketching it in. Then, I will populate it with the characters and setting details that go with the stories. Research, editing and revision. All part of the process.


This is a balance between write what you know and make it up as you go. Some days, what I know takes the lead. Others, I just make it up. What's surprising is how often what I make up is something I could know. Something connected to the ordinary world. Which surprises me because I think I am writing fantasy!

Then again, 99% of the stuff around us is made up.

When I am being deliberate, I slide my daily life over the boundary and watch it unfold in my Elsewheres. Giving my everyday tasks to characters helps me see my own world better.

For example, do you know what it takes to teach calculus to goblins? That was my semester's topic in one of my English classes. Now, though, it's Fashion with Goblins. Eventually, I'll know what it takes to set them up with a line of purses.


I am still learning about “story”. But, in my pursuit of putting characters in settings with pursuits I have learned a lot more than what plotting is and what character sheets are for.

In the end, story is alchemy. It is the process of transforming from one state to another. Internal images and voices and sensations are transformed into light and ink and through the light and ink and experience of reading, transferred to another. Magic.

It was only recently that I realized that my initial intent to pursue magic was coming through with writing stories. A big Duh moment. So, It’s possible that you won’t find a lot of technical stuff about how to write here. What you might find instead is ways to play. Another form of alchemy. Another kind of magic.