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Welcome to My world

Where zombies walk and bikes are taking over the streets, one parking space at a time.


I live in the City of Trees.

Ok. Perhaps there might be some dispute over the City of Trees. I'll just concede that I live in Sacramento and not that place in France.

We have a lot going for us despite changes that I'm not so sure about. New bike stuff. (yay) Great Tango teachers (woot). Lots of live theater and I hear we've got a decent music scene. I don't do the music stuff, but I do have access to the coolest radio station.

KVMR broadcasts out of Nevada City and is a true community radio station. 'Specially since they consider places as far away as Alaska to be part of the community. Summer festival season is also live broadcast season. That means that I get to "go" in my living room! Yay! radio


I could also say "mystery". Mostly because they rhyme. But also because that is how I think of my life. I frequently find myself asking "Well, How did I get here?" (thank you David Byrne)

Also, I'm old enough to have left a lot behind. I'm fascinated by what's still attached.


When am I not pursuing a project?

This is a project. Revising all my stories is a project. And there are various design ideas that are waiting to become projects. Should I be saying "Watch this space"?