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The Falyns

Here's how this happened. I'm driving along on the freeway and it's quiet. And as happens, my mind wanders. When it wanders back I don't recognize the landscape. It takes me a while to notice something familiar, and just a little too long to feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be. Has that happened to you? And did you wonder, as I did, what would happen if you didn't? What would happen if, instead of taking those few moments to remember where you were suppposed to be, you got fully distracted?

And what if there were places that encouraged this to happen, that were so charged and so thin that your mind had to wander and take you with it?

This is how The Falyns happened. Not to everyone. Not from everywhere.

Clockwork Coast

San Francisco, the Republic. Just after the alchemists bought California from Mexico. It's 1870 and the Barbary Coast is quiet. Welcome to my introduction to build a punked world. And yes, there will be The Earthquake.

ThoughtWoman Adventure Club

This is everything else. Got some retold fairy tales. Some strange Tarot related stuff. And the Adventure Club for whom magic is one of the gifts of the earth.