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Fashion With Goblins

And here we are again. With goblins. And yes, it all started with Dungeons and Dragons. With that box and the first adventure when I wondered why there were three goblins in this corner and only one in the other. And we know what happens when I start wondering, don't we?


Ahh. My People.

These are the shoulders I look over and the voices I eavesdrop on. They travel and meet and make and... stuff. I like them a lot. I like what they think about and how they go about things. I would like it even more if they told me everything and didn't leave it for me to make things up. What! Do i look like a mind-reader?


Here is the heart of worldbuilding and the part I am least good at. I have a lot of ideas. Just not the attention span to put them into play. So, I made up this site. If nothing else, it gives me a place to hold the worlds as I imagine them.


The world of the Falyns really did start with goblins and fashion. Just not together. My own facination with fiber and fabric got me thinking of all the things that are related to fashion. The Falyns is inspired by the idea of the Silk Road.

Having found that focus to be pletiful, I decided that there would be fiber of some sort in all the stories I wrote. Which has led me to some very interesting places. Including fashion classes at my local community college. Oh and look up "polyester bees".